Dalindèo is a jazz-sextet based in Helsinki, Finland.

Guitarist-composer Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen founded Dalindèo in autumn of 2003 with his musical friends Rasmus Pailos (percussion), Jose Mäenpää (trumpet), Petri Puolitaival (flute and tenor sax), Timo Tuppurainen (double bass) and Jaska Lukkarinen (drums). Mr. Pekka Lehti took over the bass duties in the summer of 2004 and the band’s line-up has stayed the same since then.

Dalindèo’s first 2 albums “Open Scenes” (2006) and “Soundtrack for the Sound Eye” (2010) were released by Helsinki-based Ricky-Tick Records, home of the Five Corners Quintet.

In 2013 Dalindèo released their 3rd album “Kallio”, an hommage to the notorious Helsinki-district. The album went on to win the Emma-award (Finland’s equivalent of the Grammy) for Jazz album of the year and debuted on the National Album Chart at number 13. “Kallio” is one of Finland’s most beloved jazz albums of the last years, with musical foundations in Finnish popular music of the 1960’s and the Finnish tango-tradition.

In spring 2016 Dalindèo released their 4th album “Slavic Souls”, which is based on bandleader Valtteri’s thoughts on Finnish people being deep inside much more influenced by the melancholic Russian and Slavic cultures than the Western and Swedish positive ones. Musically, “Slavic Souls” is taking Dalindèo to more psychedelic directions and the sound of the album is more contemporary and funky than the one on “Kallio”-album.

“Kallio” and “Slavic Souls” have been released worldwide be British BBE Records, best known for their work with legendary producer J Dilla.

Dalindèo is known as an intense and warm-hearted live act and they have performed over 200 concerts in 16 different countries.

Dalindèo-leader Valtteri is also known for leading the 20-piece ecclectic big-band-jazz-rap-collective Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana.

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