DalindèoApril 17, 2020 10:00pm
We wanted to introduce some of the inspirational material for "Dark Money"-EP and here finally is the book that was one of the starting points for the whole creation. Reading "Treasure Islands" by Nicholas Shaxson creates a kind of a "blue pill-red pill"-experience as in Matrix the movie. Once one starts to understand how deep the brutally opportunistic and unfair offshore banking system is embedded in contemporary finance, there's no returning back. THIS is the main reason why rich people get richer and poor people get poorer.

The "recommended reading"-list of our latest creation is naturally not the most light but these topics affect each and everyone of us and even if they are discomforting we should still try to understand them best we can. Only that way can we criticize them and hope to see a change somewhere down the road.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and we'll be back with more new music sooner than you know!

DalindèoApril 14, 2020 10:00pm
There are totally ruthless individuals and huge companies taking advantage of desperate conflicts all over the world. Someone has to provide weapons, ammunition, radars etc. if there is to be a war. "The Shadow World" by Andrew Feinstein is a shattering and thorough account of this dark business and its remorseless actors, highly recommendable reading.


DalindèoApril 10, 2020 11:00pm
So what's left after Dark Money has taken what it wants? Ordinary citizens who have lost something. That is the basic idea: wealthy and powerful people using their wealth and power in the backrooms of politics to get even more wealthy and powerful. With the limited resources of our planet becoming all the time more and more unequally divided, how long is this going to be possible? How many of us are okay with that?

DalindèoApril 7, 2020 11:00pm
FAKE NEWS!!!??!! REAL NEWS???? NASTY JOURNALISTS??!! Where did the adults in the room go???
How about:
Wha't the story? / Who's benefiting from it? / What's the spin? / Who paid for it, who owns the news outlet?


DalindèoApril 3, 2020 11:00pm
Hello people, we hope everyone is dealing well with the current extraordinary situation and staying safe and healthy. It hasn't felt like the time to promote our Dark Money-release but perhaps music is one of the best ways to get one's mind off of worries so here goes. In this case actually we hope to get our collective minds focused on some really big issues that create massive inequality worldwide. Welcome to Dark Money, a real-world dystopia of hidden powers, corruption and conservatism. Highly recommended reading, the killer book by Jane Meyer that's inspired the whole EP:


DalindèoMarch 14, 2020 12:56am
Hyvät asiakkaamme,

Suomen hallitus linjasi torstaina kiellon yli 500 osallistujan tapahtumien järjestämisestä toukokuun loppuun asti. G Livelab Helsingin kapasiteetti on alle 300 henkilöä ja klubi noudattaa aiheessa annettuja linjauksia taaten yleisöllemme turvallisen ja miellyttävän keikkakokemuksen. Vallitsevan koronavirusepidemian vuoksi tilojemme puhdistamista ja hygieniaa tehostetaan ennen kaikkia tapahtumia.

Tänään perjantaina 13.3. Dalindèon ennakkoon loppuunmyytyyn levynjulkaisukonserttiin saapuvia pyydetään noudattamaan päivitettyä ohjeistustamme:

· Pese/desinfioi kätesi heti saavuttuasi.
· Ethän juo samasta lasista tai pullosta toisten kanssa.
· Ethän kättele tai halaa, ja vältäthän lähikontaktia.
· Teethän tilauksesi suoraan pöytään G Livelab -applikaatiolla välttääksesi tungoksen baaritiskillä.
· Maksaminen applikaation lisäksi ainoastaan korteilla, ja mieluiten lähimaksulla.
· Jollet halua vastaanottaa narikkalapua, voi sen myös halutessaan valokuvata.
· Ethän tule paikalle, mikäli sinulla on flunssan oireita tai olet mahdollisesti koronaviruksen altistusketjussa.
· Ostetulla ennakkolipulla on täysi palautusoikeus. Mikäli haluat palauttaa lipun, ota yhteys sähköpostitse osoitteeseen info@livelaboratorio.fi.

Tiedotamme maanantaina lisää koronavirustilanteen vaikutuksista G Livelabin konsertteihin.

Kiitämme kaikkia kävijöitämme yhteistyöstä ja kärsivällisyydestänne!

Ystävällisin terveisin,
G Livelab Helsinki

“Slavic Souls”-videos and remix out!

Here are 2 videos of the title track to our “Slavic Souls”-album. The second one is a remix by producer Mr. Bird, who also did the great remix of “Rhythm of Kallio”. Both videos were made by Finnish cinematographer Joona Pettersson. Hope you enjoy!



“Slavic Souls” album out in April!

2016 Dalindèo. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen

2016 Dalindèo. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen

Our new album entitled “Slavic Souls” will be out in early April! It will be released in Finland by Suomen Musiikki-label and by BBE-records in the rest of the world. Here’s a few thoughts on it from leader and producer Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen:

“Jazz music in Finland was originally played by musicians who were accompanying popular singers, the schlager stars. The musicians themselves would have preferred to focus on jazz but had to play dance music to make a living. What we are now doing with Dalindèo is playing jazz music heavily influenced by Finnish tango (and other traditional styles) because we appreciate and acknowledge the tradition. Can you mix a soul drumbeat and a tango? Sure you can!”

The official release concert will be at Sellosali, in Espoo (Helsinki), Finland on the 14th of April. You can buy your tickets from Lippu.fi.

Stay tuned for more info, pre-order links and all the good stuff!

Emma-award (Finnish Grammy) for “Kallio”-album!

 “Kallio”-album won the award for the Jazz Album of the Year 2013 at the annual Emma-gaala in Helsinki. The Emmas are the Finnish equivalent for the Grammys. What a wonderful continuation for the journey of our 3rd album! Here’s a pic with Valtteri, Jose, Pope, Jaska and a mystery guy in the background, right after receiving the award.Emma-gaala

Emma-nomination and spring shows 2014!

“Kallio”-album has been nominated for the jazz album of the year in Finland at the Emma-awards, the Finnish equivalent for the Grammys. Fingers crossed 🙂        http://www.emmagaala.fi/fi/ehdokaslista/27

Here are the next upcoming live-dates, more to be published in the next weeks:

7.2. Funky Awards, Helsinki, Virgin Oil. Co

5.3. Sellosali, Espoo

22.3. Tampere-talo, Tampere

Also, this website will receive a new and updated to look very soon, so stay tuned!

Dalindèo: “Soundtrack for the Sound Eye”

Soundtrack for the Sound Eye (2010)

Hot on the heels of their successful 2009 single releases, Dalindèo deliver their eagerly awaited second full-lenght album, “Soundtrack for the Sound Eye”, available on Ricky-Tick Records in January 2010. Moving towards a more cinematic sphere of sound, the Helsinki-based sextet proves that they are ready to match the high expectations brought up by their previous releases.

Dalindèo is a Finnish jazz sextet led by composer-guitarist Valtteri Pöyhönen. An integral part of the Ricky-Tick roster since 2004, the group has released one LP and four singles on the label prior to record number two. A favourite of jazz DJs and aficionados alike, Dalindèo aims at keeping the original spirit of jazz alive with a heavy emphasis on danceable rhythms, characteristic melodies and the craftsmanship of the ensemble’s top-notch musicians.

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